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Outside General Counsel

It is difficult and not economical for many mid-size, closely held and family businesses to employ “in-house” general corporate counsel, as typically the businesses have day to day legal needs and/or the company can not justify the cost associated with such a position (that normally is in excess of $200,000 annually). However, legal needs certainly exist. Some issues are minor at the time and some a little more serious. But can even minor legal issues be ignored? Most companies would say “absolutely not”. But yet we find many get ignored. Why? Two reasons: 1) the company doesn’t have someone to readily turn to when the question arises; and 2) the perception that calling an attorney to receive a basic answer will be expensive and open ended. Our firm has designed our general outside counsel program to address both of these needs in a practical and economic manner.

Through our “outside general counsel” offering, for a flat monthly fee (which can be as low as $1,000 per month), our clients receive the following: (a) an initial review of all material corporate documents (bylaws, operating agreements, loan documents, employee contracts/manuals, etc.); (b) at least one, one hour meeting per month with the clients’ executive team and with Patrick Carothers himself with a set agenda (formulated by the client based upon their current issues and supplemented by the firm to include “hot” topics or issues); and (c) unlimited same-day access to our professionals to consult on general legal and “one-off” questions. If a more significant project then arises from the various needs of the client, a separate file can then be opened with a budget for that project established (i.e., filing a lawsuit, purchasing a competitor, etc.).

If you are interested in discussing how this service may be of use to your business, we are happy to discuss the program and the flat fee that would be most appropriate for your company.

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